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Online Courses For IT Teams

Improve Tech Skills Of Your IT Team With Trending Courses Like Data Science, IT, DevOps etc

Why EdisonX?

Powered by Universities, Academicians and Experts across the Globe, EdisonX enables Enterprises with a Learning Ecosystem for Employees to Learn, Collaborate, Improve to make an Impact

Trending IT Course Library

Employees can pick and learn from the course library through the state of art technology platform with Video Lectures, Quizzes, Discussion Forums, Personalized Wiki, Social sharing and more.

Digitize your Internal Knowledge

Organization's thrive on the Treasury of Internal Knowledge. Whether a Process Innovation,Product Usage or Compliance - EdisonX offers you a unmatched, scalable Content Creation tools to digitize your Internal Knowledge

Reporting & Insights Dashboard

With EdisonX Insights Dashboard you can keep track of the Learner Activity & Progress Take business decisions to Enhance Learning Activity

Expert Talks, Personalized Mentoring, On the Job Aids

Partenered with the Experts across globe, EdisonX provides a Unique Opportunity for your Staff to get Personalized 1-1 Mentoring, Team Workshops, Webinars and More

Empower your team to grow faster with our ecosystem

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