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EdisonX Academy’s Mentor Network Program is an elite group that consists of passionate individuals across the globe with a vision to shape the next generation. Experts in this network share their knowledge and experience with the aspiring learners who are new to the domain. This group will consist of research scholars, industry leaders, professors and exceptional students. EdisonX Academy takes the responsibility to make them as the next big celebrities of the ecosystem.

Why EdisonX Academy?

Inspire Millions

Share your knowledge and experience with the global audience. We provide you with the necessary infrastructure to make you teach in the best possible way.

Global Recognition

Become a celebrity and get worldwide recognition. Get an opportunity to work with subject experts. Hone your skills and reach horizons.

Earn a Paycheck

We value your time and provide you with all the benefits including attractive compensation, allowance and industry best coverage.

The Process


Apply as Mentor

Apply by filling this simple form below. We recommend you to provide all the basic details.


Initial Screening

Our team will review your profile and get in touch with you to understand more about your expertise.


Engagement Scenarios

We will recommend the teaching channel and plan based on your goal, time availability and preference.


Instructional Training

You will undergo a short training with EdisonX Academy that will prepare you for online teaching.


Profile Listing

Upon selection, you can list your profile that outlines your expertise, projects with EdisonX Academy.


First Online Session

It is time to get recognised for what you know! Teach the world online and inspire millions!

Become an Instructor

Expectations from a Mentor

 Passion for teaching

Someone who loves teaching and loves to go an extra mile to make learning interesting!

 Attention to detail

One who can think through content, assessment, learner engagement, feedback along with session deliverability.

 Love for the subject

Someone who loves to achieve complete mastery of the subject and is always hunger to attain more depth in the subject.

 Pedagogy genius

Someone who can think out-of-box and come up with new ideas to impart knowledge that makes complex concepts look easy.

 Excellent communicator

Someone with excellent thought clarity and communication skills that make learners glued to the session.