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Using Elasticsearch and Kibana

Scalable Search and Analytics for Document Data


  • Self-Paced $ 100 $ 25 6 weeks
    1 - 2 hours / week


  • A basic understanding of HTTP and JSON (Javascript Object Notation)
  • Python is helpful for the portions of the course that deal with the ES Python client

About Course

Elasticsearch wears two hats: It is both a powerful search engine built atop Apache Lucene, as well as a serious data warehousing/BI technology.

This course will help you use the power of ES in both contexts

ES as search engine technology:

  • How search works, and the role that inverted indices and relevance scoring play
  • The tf-idf algorithm and the intuition behind term frequency, inverse document frequency and field length
  • Horizontal scaling using sharding and replication
  • Powerful querying functionality including a query-DSL
  • Using REST APIs - from browser as well as from cURL

Who this course is for:

  • Developers looking to add robust enterprise search functionality
  • Business analysts looking to use ES and Kibana for business intelligence
  • Data professionals looking to use the ElasticSearch search engine


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