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Choose from numerous courses designed and supported by domain experts. Blended with excellent education practices, we offer highly engaging, and interactive lectures along with application-oriented Case Studies and Assessments backed up by esteemed certifications.

Learn by Example : ReactJS

TeachEdison Intermediate

A step-by-step guide to component-driven development using React

A down-to-earth, shy but confident take on machine learning techniques that you can put to work today.

RDD Characteristics: Partitions and Immutability

A gentle yet thorough introduction to Data Science, Statistics and R using real life examples.

A hands-on workout in Hadoop, MapReduce and the art of thinking "parallel"

C++ will never seem intimidating again, once you're done with these examples.

Building Apps with Node.js

TeachEdison Advanced

Explore what Node.js is, its benefits, who is using it, and how to get started. Check out a demo on writing your first Node.js app and one of a basic HTTP server. Begin building a basic chat application using Node.js.

The Full Stack Web Development

TeachEdison Intermediate

Become a complete developer by learning front-end and back-end technologies in this Full Stack Web Developer Course.

Recommender Systems, Association Rules, Dimension Reduction, Network Analysis

Probably the best training on Lean Six SIgma Green Belt everdone. Learn with real time examples on Minitab

A comprehensive guide to Kubernetes: 45 Labs and 50 Practice Questions

Learn Application Deployment , Configuration Management and Continuous Delivery Using Ansible

A comprehensive resource to master DevOps . Learn Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Git and Jenkins in one single course

The Google Cloud for ML with TensorFlow, Big Data with Managed Hadoop

Cryptographic Algorithms in Java

TeachEdison Intermediate

Learn to create real world cryptography solutions

Connect the Dots: Factor Analysis

TeachEdison Beginner

Factor extraction using PCA in Excel, R and Python

Formerly known as API.AI

Learn by Example: Python

TeachEdison Beginner

Become a Python programmer in a few hours by diving right in

CNNs, RNNs and other neural networks for unsupervised and supervised deep learning

Using Elasticsearch and Kibana

TeachEdison Beginner

Scalable Search and Analytics for Document Data

A truly unusual technology - the power of machine learning for automating unusual stuff