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Raveesh Sharma

Raveesh Sharma

Love Programming and Building platforms End 2 End

Asia/Calcutta (GMT+05:30)
English, Hindi, Tamil

About me

I have around 9.5 years of experience programming in Java J2EE and at a beginner level in Python and R. I have completed my Masters in Software Systems from BITS Pilani and I have a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of domains scaling from Telecom, healthcare, Speech Recognition, IOT Platforms etc. For the last 3 years , I have been targeting on building cloud platforms for IOT Domain.


Ios expert help Java - 9 years experience
I have been working on Java since 2007. I started using Java for building a Service Delivery Platform for teleco domain and since then I have used it in healthcare, speech recognition, crowd sourcing, event processing and finally in IOT Platforms. For the last 3 years , I have been working extensively on IOT Platforms specifically on COAP and XMPP protocols.
Ios expert help Spring - 5 years experience
I have held a fascination with Spring ever since I read about Dependency Injection and IOC. started using spring in 2008 with version 2.5 where everything was in XML and I have watched it evolve to using annotations and XML and now finally with Spring Boot , we can even do away with XMLs'. Even after working with it for a long time, I still feel I have only scratched the surface to its true capabilities. I am humble learner when it comes to exploring Spring and its varieties .
Ios expert help Vertx - 3 years experience
Vertx is a lightweight framework for building Reactive applications on JVM. It is polyglot in nature and hence the code can be written in Java, Ruby, python, scala, Ceylon etc. The beauty on vertx is architecture where It can easily scale to millions of transactions. Due to its scalability and ease of building massively parallel applications, it is quite frequently used in event processing, click stream processing etc where the flow of events is continuous and in large quantities.
Ios expert help Akka - 2 years experience
We have been using akka for the last 2 years to build our IOT platform. We have tested our platform wit a few 1000 devices and it should suffice to say that we are extremely pleased with the performance. We have used the distributed Pub sub model internally with circuitbreakers and other patterns within akka.
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